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RIP to My Early Adulthood Uniform, Atta Girl / An Interview With My Spouse, Who Grew a Man Bun in Quarantine, Yes and Nostalgia (my own publication) / When My Favorite Childhood Author Wrote Back, Yes and Nostalgia / We All Need a Safe Haven Right Now, And Mine Is Inside A Caboodle, Atta Girl / Papermaking Is The Niche Hobby That Got Me Through Quarantine, Yes and Nostalgia / Are We All Listening to Music From 20…

You were a good shirt, don’t ever forget that.

Some items of clothing are well-known milestone markers — wedding gowns, graduation robes, prom dresses, and bridesmaid sashes at bachelorette parties, for example. We see them and we know that someone’s getting married, someone’s getting a diploma, someone’s going to make-out with their date in the back of a limo that their parents reluctantly paid for, and someone is going to hold up the bride’s gown for her in the ladies’ room.

In my case, however, there’s an article of clothing that has been with me through a number of rites…

Pre-Covid, I regularly hunted for Caboodles at my favorite thrift store, but I never found one. And by “never found,” I mean, “never found in a condition I was comfortable bringing home.” Occasionally, there would be dingy ones on the shelf, but I just couldn’t do it. The Caboodles cases of my ‘90s memories—and thus, the Caboodles cases of my 2020 dreams—were pristine.

For those who missed Caboodles during their first wave of popularity, the concept can be summarized as: pastel tackle boxes with rounded corners, marketed to girls, because…beauty products. During my tween and teen years, I grew a…

I’m not only Chase Ogden’s biggest fan, I’m also the softest interviewer he’s ever had.

In the series “An Interview With My Spouse,” we explore my husband’s choices and major life events, which for some reason he gave me permission to do.

Chase Ogden is the director of Super Frenchie, a feature-length documentary that follows professional skier and BASE jumper Matthias Giraud as he dares ever more dangerous stunts while simultaneously falling in love and starting a family. I’ve been married to him (Chase. Not Matthias) for 11 years.

[Setting: Ogden kitchen. Chase is answering questions while cooking an anniversary…

Go home, expensive subscription boxes. This isn’t about you.

There’s nothing quite like waiting for, receiving, and finally reading a print magazine. The ritual is equal parts blissful nostalgia and optimism. I’ve been doing it since I was a kid and month after month, it still brings me delight and — dare I say — hope. If you’re not currently subscribing to any magazines, I urge you to consider it. A simple, tried and true magazine subscription. That’s it. That’s all it takes.

I know how much the magazine industry has changed in recent years. Articles are online, delivered to…

We both have some feelings about it.

In the series “An Interview With My Spouse Who,” we explore my husband’s choices and major life events, which for some reason he gave me permission to do.

Chase Ogden is a documentary filmmaker who teaches film production at the university level. In his spare time, he can be found fishing, wakeboarding, and being super hot. He’s also the father of two kids (the same two as me). As of publishing, we’ve been married nearly 11 years, and together for 16.

[Setting: Ogden kitchen. Chase is generously answering questions while cooking spaghetti.]


Ann M. Martin, creator of The Baby-Sitters Club, is queen of boundaries and I love her for it

In fourth grade, I had the assignment to research an important person of my choosing. The final project was to be shared at “Night of the Notables,” an evening event organized like a science fair, with tri-fold cardboard displays, parents wandering around, and kids like me sweating next to our presentations. Although, instead of baking soda volcanoes and tornadoes in soda bottles, we were in homemade costumes, ready to share the lives of whoever we’d studied.

To me, the choice was clear…

I had less than 48 hours of parenthood under my belt when the holiday arrived

My newborn son’s first full day at home was also my first Mother’s Day. He’d been born two days prior, so the holiday came before his first weigh-in, before I figured out which of my old camp songs would soothe him, before my milk came in, before I healed from giving birth, and before his umbilical cord stub came off.

My memories are fuzzy, though I know the day included diapers, and blankets, and those tiny hats the hospital gave us, and lots of tears…

It’s pretty, yes, and it’s also a pastel collection of jail cell checkmarks counting the days at home

Last summer, while normal people were making sourdough, I was in my backyard like a weirdo, spooning paper pulp onto plastic trays and watching it dry.

It had never occurred to me that one could make paper. Paper had always been one of those things that came into existence in a far-off factory in some automated, mechanical process, like how ice cube trays and crayons and Ryan Seacrest are made. …

Because most of the things we care about didn’t happen today.

Welcome! I hope this publication makes all your dreams come true. It’s here because:

  • Most of the things we care about didn’t happen today.
  • We might not know how much something matters until it’s been with us for a little while.
  • And most importantly, it’s fun to discuss and analyze the things that we like, and experiences we’ve had with a fresh, new lens (at least, it’ll be fun here. promise).

The breakneck news cycle has shown us just how fast content and stories are processed and churned through…

Dena Ogden

writer | part 80s/part 90s | very PNW | words also on The Atlantic, R29, Bustle, Romper, et al | she/her

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